Josh Okeefe Announces New Album ‘Bloomin’ Josh Okeefe’

Rising Folk talent Josh Okeefe is ready to take the scene by storm with the release of his much-anticipated debut album ‘Bloomin Josh Okeefe”. The 10-track record was penned by Okeefe and was recorded live by the late great Grammy-winning Charlie Brocco (George Harrison, Fleetwood Mac, George Michael, Kacey Musgraves) over the course of two sessions at Nashville’s historic Columbia Studio A, and mastered by Grammy-winning Greg Calbi (John Lennon, Bruce Springsteen, Tom Petty, Bob Dylan) at Sterling Sound, Edgewater, NJ.

The album is an incredible introduction from Josh who signals to the world that he is ready to create a whole new lane for his sonic sound across the folk crossover scene. The LP is both simple and complex, effortlessly cutting across geography, race, class, and political chasms.

Having cut his teeth on Lower Broadway in Nashville as a busker, Josh Okeefe understands the industry inside and out and is never afraid to make a bold statement – one of the major standouts on the album is the ‘Thoughts and Prayers’, which is a mordant rebuke of a typically American response to rampant gun violence. “But this is not necessarily a song solely about guns,” states Okeefe.

With his stellar debut offering, Josh Okeefe blends the gritty realism of his Derby upbringing with a love for American music, whilst also incorporating enlightening flashes of wisdom and wit. This is an enjoyable, journey as multifaceted as the distance from Derby to Nashville is long.

‘Bloomin’ Josh Okeefe’ is available for pre-order ahead of its Friday, May 29th release right now.

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Laura Klonowski