Kieran Conaway Releases Debut Album ‘Your Ghosts’

Nashville based singer/songwriter Kieran Conaway is ready to make a splash with the release of his much-anticipated debut album ‘Your Ghosts’. The record is an eclectic mix of country, folk, and Americana sounds that come together to create a sonic sound that is unique to Conaway as an artist.

The record has been released via Kieran’s own label Buoy58 and signals the start of an exciting journey that will no doubt take the Troubador inspired artist to the very top of the country crossover scene.

Speaking about his hopes and goals of making a lasting impression on the industry, Kieran Conaway says: “I see performers creating glorious live shows for crowds who are enchanted and making studio recordings that have the potential to last a very long time. The possibility of contributing to that is inspiring because it’s a clear directive“.

His debut offering is a stellar collection of eight tracks that bring together a glorious mix of instrumental lead songs that perfectly introduce Kieran and his lyrical directive showcasing his uncompromising artistry and introspective outlook on the world.

With this incredible inaugural LP, Kieran Conaway has proven himself to be one of the most exciting singer/songwriters within the scene right now and he will no doubt continue to grow as an artist with every release to come.

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Laura Klonowski