Buckle & Boots Announce Virtual Festival

Manchester-based country music festival Buckle & Boots has become a major staple of the festival season these past several years as they welcome a variety of international and homegrown talent onto the stage to entertain thousands – however, this year’s event has been cancelled due to the ongoing global Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic but this hasn’t stopped them from putting on a great show.

The organisers have instead launched plans for a virtual festival which will stream live and allow fans to enjoy incredible live performances from their favourite country stars all from the safety of their homes. Attendees will be able to tune into the ‘Buckle & Boots Virtual Festival’ from 1 pm on Saturday 23rd May via their YouTube channel and Facebook page.

The impressive line-up features 37 artists who will live stream straight from their respective homes in 7 different countries including the UK, USA, South Africa, Sweden and Canada. Music fans can look forward to international performances from the likes of William Michael Morgan (USA), Trent Tomlinson (USA), Roan Ash (South Africa), Sarah Darling (USA) and Phil Vassar (USA), along with appearances from homegrown talents including the likes of Kezia Gill, Jade Helliwell, Morganway and Gary Quinn.

The 2020 edition of Buckle & Boots Festival was set to be bigger and better than ever in order to celebrate their 5 year anniversary. While the organisers are hopeful that a version of the festival they’d planned will still go ahead, once it’s safe, they are finding new ways to inject the Buckle & Boots spirit into the live stream experience. Fans are encouraged to decorate their houses, dress up in their festival attire, and connect with the rest of the “country family” throughout the day.

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Laura Klonowski