Deidre Thornell Shares Acoustic ‘Keep On Loving Me’ Video

Fast-rising Nashville based country music artist Deidre Thornell has shared the gorgeous acoustic video for her latest single ‘Keep On Loving Me’. This is another strong release from the Dallas born artist who moved to Music City a while back in order to pursue her singing and writing career – a move that has well and truly paid off.

Thornell is an artist who delivers epic storytelling combined with a strong country production that allows the listener to be transported. A strong vocalist she also carries the weight of any song without ever straying from her stellar vocal control.

Speaking about her latest offering. Deidre Thornell says: “I was having feelings for a special guy that kept growing and growing. I was feeling so inspired by him, that I needed to put my feelings in a song. I wanted to write it from a perspective that would be relatable to listeners forever. Something timeless. Something kind of classic? I don’t play guitar very well, but one day I was all up in my feelings, as we artists tend to get from time to time and started writing, playing, and singing the song. It was practically finished in a day’s work on my own, but I needed a strong guide to help me finish it and put my ideas to life. So, a few days later, I called on my dear friend and former guitar teacher, Dave Isaacs, to help me with the bridge and to solidify the melody with me. By the end of our session, it was done!”

Relatable and emotive ‘Keep On Loving Me’ is a major standout release from Deidre and the acoustic version elevates the song to incredible new heights. 2020 is shaping up to be a huge year for this wonderful artist.

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Laura Klonowski