Why Twinnie’s ‘Hollywood Gypsy’ LP Is The Best Debut You’re Likely To Hear

On Friday, April 17th, rising country-pop singer/songwriter Twinnie released her much-anticipated debut album ‘Hollywood Gypsy’. The record was shared via BMG UK and despite being officially released during a global pandemic the record has reached audiences far and wide with fans lapping up the extraordinary sound weaved throughout. Here we examine just as to why ‘Hollywood Gypsy’ is the best debut LP you’re likely to hear:


The songwriting on this record is phenomenal. Having been co-written by Twinnie across Nashville, London, and Sweden over several years with esteemed writers including Lucie Silvas, and Pete Hammerton among others it has allowed for a freedom of opinion to be incorporated making for an up-front open-book style. Few artists at this stage of their career know who they are, what they represent, or what sound they’re looking to create but the honesty throughout the lyrical output on ‘Hollywood Gypsy’ leaves listeners in no doubt about who Twinnie is as a person and what type of artist she is.


Twinnie was an executive producer on the record alongside a trusted team including esteemed producer Jack McManus, this input meant the sonic sound remained 100% true to what the York singer is looking to convey throughout her musical delivery. Never straying too far away from its country roots the LP often drifts into the pop realm, whilst also dabbling in soft rock. With a combination of anthemic backdrops on tracks such as ‘Chasing’, and ‘I Love You Now Change’, and soft melody-driven productions on the likes of ‘Lie To Me’ and ‘Superhero’, it offers an eclectic mix of styles and genres without ever leaving country-driven sounds too far out of sight. There are very few debut albums with this kind of polished production.


The combination of the standout songwriting and perfectly presented production means this LP has a majorly impressive track-list. If you look back over the years at debut albums you will find some huge records such as Carrie Underwood’s ‘Some Hearts’, and Taylor Swift’s self-titled offering, however, few deliver the overall package appeal of ‘Hollywood Gypsy’. 12 tracks and not a single “skip” song. If you’re looking for comparison then this is up there with Shania Twain’s record-breaking sophomore release ‘The Woman In Me’. Twinnie’s debut has the feel of a second or third release showcasing an artist who is ready to make their mark on the industry and showcase exactly who they are and what they represent.

Give ‘Hollywood Gypsy’ a listen and let us know your thoughts on the record and its appeal:

Laura Klonowski