Mic’d Ranked: Best All-Genre Single Releases of 2019

In just a few short weeks, we’ll be entering a new decade in which a fresh generation of artists will surely emerge and rip up music’s rule book all over again. 2019 has, however, been one of the best years for quality independent hits in recent history.

Spencer Jordan – Maroon Five: His debut single, “Maroon Five,” is a love-letter to the music and artists that helped shape him, but also a bittersweet look at how one song can take you back to a specific moment or memory.

Julia Rizik – You Wouldn’t Even Notice: Superstar and Arizona native, Julia Rizik, is a rare music talent — from singing to guitar, piano, and even banjo, this songwriting machine is now poised to take the world by storm.

Sam DeRosa – Pill For This: Competing on Songland, Sam worked with judge and multi-Grammy award winning producer and songwriter, and Monument Records co-president, Shane McAnally. Singing her original song, “Pill for This,” Shane saw a bona fide pop artist and promptly signed her to a record deal with Monument Records.

Kelsey Lamb – Who’s Counting: With poignant lyrics, enchanting melodies and sunny southern charm, newcomer Kelsey Lamb is undoubtedly a star-in-the-making. As a singer-songwriter, Lamb made a name for herself as a vocalist with a rich, emotionally transparent voice, influenced by the likes of Alison Krauss, Miranda Lambert, Carrie Underwood, Thomas Rhett and Tim McGraw.

Kalie Shorr – Gatsby: Push past all the emotions Shorr leads with to find sublime songwriting and brilliant use of literary devices.

Jaclyn Kenyon – When We Love: A lot of Country and a little Rock and Roll is what you can feel just by meeting this 22-year-old Ontario native, Jaclyn Kenyon who has been going Back and forth to Nashville since she was a young teenager. Her first single record release “When We Love” co-written with Mike Krompass and Steve Diamond.

Emma White – If You’re In It: Featuring a pop-leaning sound built on hushed vocals and electronic beats, it finds the rising country artist getting brutally honest about what she wants — and what she has absolutely zero time for. 

Hudson Valley – Unmistakable Signs of A Bad Boyfriend: “Hudson Valley is a-rockin’ female-fronted country band, that lends credence to the suspected if the unproven, fact that there are more hillbillies in upstate New York than in the whole state of Tennessee.

Karissa Ella – Me & Luke: Karissa Ella’s youthful and soulful style is a breath of fresh air in today’s world of country music. Inspired by the likes of Shania Twain, Gretchen Wilson, Garth Brooks and Carrie Underwood, her music, writing and live performances attract people of all ages. 

The Highway Women – Stand Up & Fight: Their recent single “Stand Up and Fight” was released on May 24th, 2019. “Stand Up and Fight” has become the anthem for The Highway Women as it embodies the spirit and passion of their drive to succeed in the music industry.

Priscilla Block – Thick Thighs: The song combines impressive vocals, humor and a very powerful message all in one. The thing that I love the most about country music is that the songs are authentic and have meaning. 

Justine Blazer – Pioneer Soul Shaker: Nashville producer, singer, songwriter and recording artist, Justine Blazer, has been taking the music world by storm. Her unique style of edgy country/pop/rock is infused with a hint of Detroit soul and modern vibes.

Spencer Crandall – Kept Every Vow: You can find Nashville’s latest breakout star on the main stage at country music classics like CMA Fest and The Bluebird Cafe, but he’s not your “traditional” Southern singer by any means.

Maggie Baugh – Fire Me Up: Singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Maggie Baugh have been one of the most promising emerging artists in Country music, and her new single, “Fire Me Up,” is adding fuel to the fire.

Sierra Annie – Mama: Sierra Annie is an artist whose heart knows no limits, and whose capability has yet to meet its bounds. Her last release has sent her fans into a frenzy, only to be satiated by the release of her latest single “Mama”. A piece that prompted Popdust to call her an “a Nashville contender.”

Allie Colleen – Work In Progress: This song introduces the mainstream to potential total package Allie Colleen, a 23-year-old Belmont University graduate and the youngest daughter of Garth Brooks.

Drew Baldridge – Senior Year: Soon enough, people will know this name. This music speaks for itself; all you have to do is listen and you’ll know.

Lauren Davidson – Soaking Up Every Second: She has created her own sound and memorable songs in a style that she calls “Urban Country” as a nod to her city roots and unconventional stories in the Country/Pop/Rock genre.

Seth Alley – Same Town Different Story: This newfound authenticity follows Alley’s ups and downs in the music industry. Previously signed to Big Machine Label Group and later part of pop project Anderson Alley, the singer left the label life behind and chose a path of complete independence.

Tegan Marie – I Don’t Know What Is: Set in the “4-8-5-0-6,” her hometown of Flint, Michigan, “I Don’t Know What Is” highlights some of Tegan’s favorite things, including a vision of the genre that is increasingly inclusive. The 15-year-old Country phenom co-wrote the track alongside GRAMMY award-winner Nathan Chapman (Taylor Swift), Nelly Joy and Jason Reeves.