If you watch America’s Got Talent, you may remember the popular trapeze act/aerial duo, Duo Transcend. Since AGT, the duo has overcome struggles, connected as a couple even further, and performed on The CW’s newest show, The Big Stage.

Fans can expect to see more of our skating act on The Big Stage,” explains Duo Transcend. “It was a great show to be apart of and a lot less stressful because it’s not a competition show it’s a talent show, so we had a great time on that show.

Don’t give up on dreams, and don’t stop when things get really hard. We could have quit after Mary fell on AGT but we were determined to get back up and do it again, it was scary and very difficult for us to go back and do it on live TV again but it was the most rewarding when we did it

Tyce Nielsen and Mary Ellen Wolfe are married performers who live in Salt Lake City, Utah. Tyce has a background of high diving and tramp wall. Mary grew up performing in musical theatre and ballet.

We met in a show in our home town in Salt Lake City , it was a dinner show where people would eat dinner and we would out of shows while they eat,” explains Tyce. “The show unfortunately had to close after a few year so we had to make a decision whether we wanted to keep trying to perform and go try out for other shows together or to stop performing and do something else. So we decided to start working on an act together (trapeze) and we tried out for a show at sea world San Diego , they hired us and from then on (2012) we have been traveling the world performing together.

In 2018, Tyce and Mary had the honor of becoming the first duo trapeze act/aerial duo to reach the top 10 of America’s Got Talent.

It was an emotional roller coaster for both of us making it to the finals, we were so happy to have made it as far as we did and we experienced every emotion possible to get there,” explains Mary “We did things to up the danger and excitement that we have never done before. It was scary, challenging and an incredibly rewarding experience.

With each new road they take together, they continue to face struggles and continue to reach for the top with their trust in each other.

It’s an incredible feeling to completely put all your trust in someone, it’s really scary at first but after you develop the trust in each other it feels so liberating,” explains Tyce “Mary has to trust me with her life and I feel a huge responsibility for that. When I dropped her on AGT I felt like I betrayed her trust and I felt so horrible, but she was so good about assuring me that she trusts me and that she believes I can do it again. Our relationship has strengthened because of our strong trust in each other.

Follow along on their journey by connecting with them on Instagram @duotranscend. You can watch their blindfolded AGT finals performance exclusively via YouTube below.